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mercredi 18 mars 2009

Dates en 2007 et 2008


: Pin Up w/Eva Peel, Celine 
11/01 : Paris Paris w/JVC
17/01 : Paris Paris w/ JVC Je kiffe mes cops
25/01 : L’ile Enchantée w/Céline, Technorama, Jee
02/02 : SHOWCASE w/JVC, Danger, Datarock
09/02 : CAFE CHERIE w/Kiss The Girl
23/02 : Commant’es w/Kiss The Girl
28/02 : Festival Elektrochoc @ TROYES w/Jean Yves Leloup, Uffie, Feadz, Busy P, Yuksek, John Lord Fonda, Detect…
08/03 : CAFÉ CHERIE w/Kiss The Girl
20/03 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC Je kiffe mes cops
28/03 : FLECHE D’OR w/Boules à Facette, Nyctalopes Clic Party
03/04 : HILTON PURPLE BAR w/Fred Viktor, Alex (The Amateurs)
04/04 : FESTIVAL PANORAMAS @ Morlaix w/Kiss The Girl, Luz, Tsugi Crew, Minitel Rose
12/04 : CAFÉ CHERIE w/Kiss The Girl
24/04 : PIN UP w/Eva Peel
16/05 : FLECHE D’OR w/Nyctalopes, Boules à facettes, Clic Party
22/05 : BARON w/Kennedy
06/06 : SHOWCASE w/Kiss The Girl, Sourya
11/06 : PARIS PARIS @ Marie Claire party
12/06 : CHEZ MOUNE
14/06 : CAFE CHERIE w/Kiss The Girl
19/06 : TAULIERES w/Nyctalopes
21/06 : Alex’s father wedding
04/07 : SOLIDAYS festival w/Kiss The Girl pour Tsugi
05/07 : Elodie & Johan’s wedding
31/07 : LE MOTEL w/Alex (The Amateurs)
15/08 : ASTROPOLIS festival w/Sebastien Tellier, Poni Hoax, etc
14/09 : Concorde Atlantique TERRASSA w/Tsugi crew, Dixon, Kauna
26/09 : ELYSEE MONMARTRE w/JVC, Vicarious Bliss, The Whip…Club NME 1
01/10 : L’INTERNATIONAL w/Anoraak, Saycet
08/10 : LOCOMOTIVE w/Kiss The Girl : TSugi one year party
17/10 : ELYSEE MONMARTRE w/Tsugi Crew, CLUB NME 2
18/10 : Sans Souci (Célinette’s birthday)
du 26/10 au 31/10 : BERCY open de tennis
31/10 : FLECHE D’OR w/Nyctalopes, Boules à Facettes, Clic Party
06/11 : ESPACE France Amériques w/Alex
07/11 : SHOWCASE w/The Rubies, Natasha, Streetlife dj’s...
19/11 : SOCIAL CLUB w/JVC Girl Powder Party
05/12 : FLECHE D’OR w/Nyctalopes, Boules à Facette, Dead rock machine, Mikix the cat @ Clic x-mas party


11/01 : ANDY WHALOO w/Trax team Crew
13/01 : KITSH UP
18/01 : REX CLUB w/Nico soirée atraxion
01/02 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Rjd2, A Touch Of Class
04/02 : O’KUBI
09/02 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Brian Jackson, Plasticines
15/02 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Go Go Charlton, Hermann Dunn, Hushpuppies
22/02 : ANDY WHALOO w/trax team
03/03 : SHOWCASE w/JVC, Poni hoax, Joakim, Tigersushi Bass System, Optimo
08/03 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Tahiti 80, Laurent Fetis
09/03 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Fluokids
17/03 : BATACLAN w/Nico, Goose, Gus Gus
13/04 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Datarock
18/04 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Legoparty, Koko Von Napoo, CSS
03/05 : LA PERLE
05/05 : Private party
11/05 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Etienne De Crecy, The Duloks
12/05 : CAFE CHERIE w/Kiss The Girl
19/05 : SHOWCASE w/JVC, People Are Germs, Look See Proof
26/05 : LE SOIR w/Leatherette, Dementia, Kiss The Girl
31/05 : LE KONG w/Fred Viktor
11/07: NE NOUS FACHONS PAS w/Alex (The Amateurs)
26/07: LA PERLE
26/07: LE KONG w/Alex, Célia
28/07: SHOWCASE w/JVC, Gentlemen Drivers
11/08 : LA FLECHE D’OR w/Alex, Man & Man
26/08 : CONCORDE ATLANTIQUE TERRASSA w/ex Trax team, Kiss the Girl, Carl Craig
07/09 : L’ALIMENTATION GENERALE w/Eva Peel, Céline
14/09 : LA SCALA w/JVC
15/09 : CAFE CHERIE w/Kiss The Girl, The Amateurs
26/09 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Marco Dos Santos, Yuksek
28/09 : SHOWCASE w/JVC, Hot Chip, Adam Kesher
03/10 : TRUSKEL w/Tsugi Team, Nuit du marcassin
11/10 : LA PERLE
13/10 : CAFE CHERIE w/Kiss The Girl
19/10 : EXIT 07 Luxembourg w/Jean Yves Leloup
02/11 : L’ALIMENTATION GENERALE w/Eva Peel, Kiss The Girl
15/11 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC Je kiffe mes cops
16/11 : private party
23/11 : LA FLECHE D’OR w/Kiss the Girl @ Ullmann’s girls party
30/11 : LES TAULIERES w/Les Nyctalopes
04/12 : GALERIES LAFAYETTE w/Céline, Llor
08/12 : CAFE CHERIE w/Kiss The Girl
20/12 : HILTON PURPLE CLUB w/Alex, Fred
20/12 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC Je kiffe mes cops

10/11/2005 : Limelight w/Girls & Blogs
20/01/2006 : Boxers w/Girls & Blogs

26/01 : Truskel, Luz release party w/Girls & Blogs
23/02 : Truskel w/Girls & Blogs
08/03 : 9 Billards w/ Girls & Blogs
30/03 : 9 billards w/Girls & Blogs
05/04 : Truskel w/Girls & Blogs
14/04 : Paris Paris w/Girls & Blogs, DJ Mehdi, Legoparty
19/04 : PULP w/Girls & Blogs
05/05 : Bateau Concorde Atlantique w/Girls & Blogs
11/05 : 9 Billards w/Girls & Blogs
18/05 : FLECHE D’OR w/Jill
26/05 : FLECHE D’OR w/Vicarious Bliss, JVC, Justice, Mark Moore, soirée Zéro 1
30/06 : FLECHE D’OR w/Vicarious Bliss, JVC, soirée Zéro
13/09 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Ullmann
15/09 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Tekilatex, soirée Gangz
19/09 : ZERO w/I Love UFO, Vicarious Bliss
20/09 : CONCORDE ATLANTIQUE Respect Antijour w/JVC, Housse de Racket
29/09 : FLECHE D’OR w/JVC, Vicarious Bliss, soirée Zéro
05/10 : 9 Billards
05/10 : Paris Paris
11/10 : Paris Paris ipod battle with JVC, Headbangirl, Fafi, Uffie, Plasticines
25/10 : Le Néo
27/10 : FLECHE D’OR w/JVC, Vicarious Bliss
05/11 : PARIS PARIS w/JVC, Yelle, New Young Pony Club, Putafranges, Headbangirl
24/11 : FLECHE D’OR w/JVC, Vicarious Bliss
02/12 : LE SHEBEEN w/Kiss The Girl
20/12 : 9 Billards
29/12 : FLECHE D’OR w/JVC, Vicarious Bliss, Justice, Yuksek, Jean Nipon, soirée Zéro

lundi 29 décembre 2008

Selector ?

I'm one of the "JVC" girls dj crew with the lovely Jill & Celia and you can find me playing records (techno, new wave, cosmic disco, italo, electro, minimal, pop, electro rock) too in Kiss the girl with Celine (Tsugi)...

I started in the year 2002 for a very bad pay in some bars & restaurants of Marseilles, and in Paris, in pop places like truskel, Syndicat and Pop In (2003-2004).

I enjoyed playing some of my favorite tracks @ Rex Club, Pulp, Bataclan, La Locomotive, Paris Paris, Showcase, Scala, le Baron, Flèche d'Or, Bercy, Galeries Lafayette, L'Elysée Monmartre, Exit 07 Luxembourg, Le Kong, Delaville Cafe, Alimentation Générale, Kitch Up, Café Chérie, Le grand hall @ Astropolis, Solidays, Néo, Hilton Hotel, NNFP, le pin up, Andy Wahloo, Shebeen, L'International, Le Motel, Planet Mars, Le Soir, Truskel, Pop In, 9 Billards, Le Réservoir, Limelight, Boxers, La Perle, Peniche Concorde Atlantique, Nix Nox, l'ile enchantée, Black Calvados, ELEKTROCHOC Espace argence (Troyes), Les Femmes S'en Mêlent (Metz), le Tempo (Morlaix), les Taulieres, corporate parties, friends weddings, birthday parties...

And I'm now always open to discover new good places to play my favorite danceable tracks...just send me an email @ to discuss about parties...

You can also see me in action (with Céline from Kiss The Girl) @ Solidays festival
for Tsugi magazine here.

I played some tracks by :

New Order, Hall & Oates, Ariel Pink, Friendly Fires, Morgan Geist, Late Of The Pier, Glass Candy, Foals, Pilooski, The Four Tops, The Chromatics, Joy Division, Essential Logic, Thieves like us, Cat Power, The Wake, ESG, Hot Chip, Apparat, Klaxons, Miaow, Aphex Twin, Durutti Column, LCD Soundsystem, Dinosaur Jr, Phoenix, Cut Copy, Stockholm Monsters, Squarepusher, Satie, Cath Carroll, Christophe, Erlend Oye, Nina Simone, Orange Juice, Neil Young, The Hacker, Miss Kittin, The Rapture, Alan Braxe, Fred Falke, Ewan Pearson, Stereolab, Tom Waits, Section 25, Vitalic, Wim Mertens, Headman, Prefab Sprout, Monochrome Set, Beach Boys, Go-betweens, Field Mice, Pale Fountains, My Bloody Valentine, April March, Motorhead, Zombies, 10CC, St Etienne, Josef K, The Velvet Underground, Nick Drake, Dolly Parton, The Stooges, Burt Bacharach, Prince, The Slits, Eyeless In Gaza, DJ Shadow, A Certain Ratio, The Fall, Gang Of Four, Mazzy Star, White Stripes, Wire, Boards of Canada, Phil Spector, Tom Tom Club, Television, Leonard Cohen, Dominique A, Gravenhurst, Thin Lizzy, Edwyn Collins, Elli et Jacno, Trans Am, Cabaret Voltaire, Sparks, Colder, Riton, Cheap Trick, Bee Gees, Broadcast, Autechre, Plaid, Annie, TTC, Chameleons, Tuxedomoon, Public Enemy, Wire, thick Pigeon, Liquid Liquid, Stockholm Monsters, Captain Comatose, Young Marble Giants, House Of Love, Johnny Cash, The Stones and the Beatles, Black Sabbath, Vincent Gallo, Curtis Mayfield, Style Council, Bauhaus, Aztec Camera, The Orchids, Lloyd Cole, Kings Of Convenience, The Smiths, Felt, Talk Talk, Siouxie, Pulp, Tindersticks, Suicide, Liars, The Strokes, Electrelane, Kraftwerk, Moroder, PIL, Maximo Park, Echo And The Bunnymen, Pere Ubu, Raincoats, FGTH, Slowdive, Prince, Palace, The Auteurs, Yo La Tengo, The The, Tom Jones, Metro Area, Marvin Gaye, Modeselektor, John Lord Fonda, The Supremes, Nico, Love, Moose, Dusty Springfield, Shangri-Las, Primal Scream, Ladytron, Art Brut, The Kooks, Eno, Altered Images, Talk Talk, Electric Prunes, Caetano Veloso, Nathan Fake, The Sound, Zombie Nation, Tekel, Vicarious Bliss, Poni Hoax, Mystery Jets, Martin Dupont, Polyphonic Size, Zongamin, The Rakes, Richard Hawley, Stevie Wonder, New Young Pony Club, Gilberto Gil, The Whitest Boy Alive, Nick Drake, Wolfmother, Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, Candie Staton, Good Shoes, The Pigeon Detectives, Juan Atkins, The Cribs, The Embassy, Out Hud, Robocop Kraus, Billie Holiday, Au revoir Simone, Baxendale, Yuksek, The Long Blondes, Colin Newman, Vicious Pink, Lo Fi FNk, Chicken Lips, Shit Robot, Shitdisco, Superpitcher, Gui Boratto, Mymy, Claude Vonstroke, Larry Heard, Drexciya, Plastikman, M.I.A, Santogold, Ladyhawke, Metronomy, penelopes, jacno...almost all of FACTORY - TAMLA MOTOWN - SARAH - POSTCARD - MO' WAX - WARP - DFA - MONIKA - KOMPAKT - LTM - MODULAR - KITSUNE - ED BANGER - TIGERSUSHI - MEROK - ITALIANS DO IT BETTER.